Adopt-a-Grandma is a charitable scheme that connects the generations. We aim to bring together older people without grandchildren living locally to families that live far away from their grandparents.

I designed the concept for the scheme while at Goldsmiths university as a second year project. I won an award for it, which involved mentoring and start-up funds. I commissioned a graphic designer to visually brand the scheme, and began to hand out flyers to start the scheme in Bounds Green where I live in North London. Unfortunately the project has not been yet fully realised, but I hope to reignite it in the future.

3 responses to “Adopt-a-Grandma

  1. When/if you do ignite this idea, you might want to investigate if there’s any available funding from

  2. Mrs Lynne Farmer

    I am a librarian manager at a Secondary School in Havering. Due to retire soon. My grandchildren live in the USA, widowed shortly after my son, their father died I am looking to find a way to be proactive in the community and fill a gap in my life helping young people at the same time. Have you progressed with setting up the adopt-a-grandma group?

    • Hello. I’m sorry for this late response – as you may have guessed, we are inactive. I’m also sorry for the situation you have been in. I hope you have found an outlet for helping others.

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