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Blanch and Shock at the illy pop up gallery

I met Blanch and Shock as they were packing up their workshop at the illy gallery when I visited. They made some of their liquid nitrogen frozen goodies just for me though.

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Arabeschi di Latte at the Studio Toogood new collection launch party

So, being a student looking for chances to make good contacts, I took the opportunity to help Arabeschi di Latte cater for Studio Toogood at their exclusive party. I knew next to nothing about the event when I agreed to participate, and having been at it, I still don’t know that much about it apart from the food side. I recognised a few faces but couldn’t place them, including someone who said he was a journalist… I invited lots of them to the Designersblock private view on Wednesday, perhaps I’ll find out who they are then.

The theme for the party was iridescence, which happens to be one of my favourite words. The food was almost iridescent. Here’s the menu:

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The Hybrid Jam Session

A while ago I emailed Francesca Sarti from Arabeschi di Latte asking if I could be involved in any of her upcoming projects… and wonderfully she said yes. For Refugee Week in London, Haptic Thought was curating an exhibition and events that aimed to demonstrate the value of refugees’ inputs on culture in London; more specifically, how our cuisine is affected. Francesca was asked to design the food.

This event was called The Hybrid Jam Session. We put on a jam-making workshop for kids, using a variety of fruit, but also baobab powder which comes from the tree of life. It was held in the So Far, The Future gallery space just off Lamb’s Conduit Street, near Russell Square.

Initially the workshop was going to be for refugee children but it didn’t quite work out that way; in the end, we recruited kids from the local park. It was a lovely sunny day so there were plenty of people about, and I think the families that came had a great time at our session.

We enjoyed the fruits of our efforts (pun intended!) with scones and tea.


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It turns out that one of my new lecturers at Goldsmiths did my favourite exhibition at the London Design Festival this year, I Cling To Virtue.

I really like this project on his website, www.onkarkular.com. It’s about children designing bread. This is my favourite one:

‘For people who prefer the crusty end’.

And for crusty end fanatics…

This is the sort of thing I imagined myself doing.

I want to open some kind of museum one day, not in London, that will help get kids interested in culture. We have it easy in London with so much for kids on our doorstep – and not that I speak from much experience, but I imagine there is much less to do in the way of art and music and culture for children outside of London.

I also really like Arabeschi Di Latte. I saw them at designersblock a couple of years ago, and it was instant love. They were showing people how to make gnocchi from scratch, for free, and you would inevitably talk to other people who were there because of the way the space was set up, and then you would eat your large potato’s worth of gnocchi with whatever toppings you like.

It’s a combination of a few things I’m interested in: food, human interactions, and tradition. Arabeschi di Latte are trying to make home cooking more popular; they take traditional Italian recipes and make them fun. They did a similar event with eggs the next year but there weren’t many people around when I dropped by, so it wasn’t quite as exciting. Still, I learnt how to make a posh Italian raw egg dessert!

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