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Tornado made from water vapour

Artwork by Alistair McClymont
“The Limitations of Logic and the Absence of Absolute Certainty” was a tornado shown at the CA2M Museum in Madrid and Laboral in Spain, Shoreditch Town Hall at the Concrete and Glass festival.

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Memory Palace

Johnny Kelly Image from V&A website

Memory Palace at the V&A has a fantastic exhibition concept: 20 illustrators and artists express one dystopian story, written by Hari Kunzru. I would recommend this exhibition to anyone interested in visual narratives. The exhibiton ends with the opportunity to add your own memory to the collection. Continue reading

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A new vision for bookshops

Image courtesy of londondesignguide.com

Bookshops are declining. So claims Jamie Byng of Canongate Books, a company which has twice been voted Publisher of the Year, in this month’s The Quarterly Magazine. I’m ready to believe that – Borders is gone and e-books are on the rise. It’s easy to imagine a future where books are only browsed for digitally. Continue reading

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Post-Modernism at the V&A

Image from Nick Sherwood

I went to this exhibition without looking up what it was about beforehand. I knew the format to expect: it would be in the gallery near the smaller shop, and there would be a lot of vinyl lettering on the wall, probably lots of black shiny panels with white plinths and glass casing. That’s the way the V&A rolls.
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Power of Making

Steven Hawking superhero suit, Michael T Rea
I laughed out loud when I saw this. A wooden prosthetic body so Steven Hawking can be a superhero? Brilliant!

The Power of Making exhibition at the V&A was crammed full of extraordinarily made objects, most of them extraordinary in other ways too. Here’s a selection of what I found the most inspiring from the exhibition.
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Decode at the V&A

Decode was a fantastic exhibition at the V&A last year. It helped me understand the potential of interactive technology – for me it was an important moment for inspiration in my ideas. Because of this exhibition I decided to volunteer at Kinetica Art Fair in February this year, which provided me with further ideas fodder.

Decode was curated in collaboration with onedotzero.
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Spineless Classics

I surreptitiously took photos of these in the V&A shop but they came out terribly. So I’ve got these images all from the Spineless Classic website. They’re large posters of whole texts of much-loved books, all available from the V&A shop online. They’re about £40-£45 each.
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