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Be the first

I’m so impressed with this lady – Kakenya Ntaiya – that I’m elevating her to role model status. She made a massive change to herself, so she could make change for her village, which has an impact on her country, and the rest of the world. She’s overcome adversity again and again and has helped so many others do the same.

The last section of the talk is one of the best motivational speeches I’ve ever heard.

Watch this talk.

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So this is what Sean Hall was talking about

Sean Hall, a Goldsmiths design lecturer, said that when you’ve talked about your idea, it feels like it’s done, so you never actually make it happen.

This talk cites sources where he might have got that idea.

You can see the discussion of the talk here.

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How your brain controls your body

If you’re interested in the brain, this is worth watching. This scientist has done some experiments enabling a monkey to control a robotic arm to play a game. The research will be used to help paralysed patients walk again.

Designers might find it interesting for the design potential of the exoskeleton.

Another application for the research is playing Xbox games with your mind, not with a controller. We all know that’s the future! They’re found a way for monkeys to feel the difference between textures in a game using electrical signals. I wonder what the first mind-reading headgear for Xbox will look like?

‘Impossible is just the possible that someone has not put in enough effort to make it come true.’

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Three Ted Talks on Plastic

The social/economic problems of plastic:

And two answers:

Encourage use of alternatives to single-use, disposable plastic objects to eliminate waste.

After you’re finished with them, make sure your plastic objects end up with someone that knows how to recycle them.

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The Story of SuperBetter

This is a moving video about how a game can help you to live longer.

SuperBetter is a game about helping people increase their positivity and resilience by doing small tasks such as shaking someone’s hand or getting up out of your chair every hour. It’s a lovely story, and watching this video could increase your life span by 7.5 minutes! Or even by 10 years if you take it seriously enough.

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Shut up and listen!

This may be the most relevant Ted Talks to me I’ve seen in a while. Ernesto Sirolli talks about entrepreneurs and helping others. I need to collaborate with others to be successful with my practice, and I need to get the tone right. I’m too much of a missionary, despite having the best intentions. I need to find a client that wants to be helped, rather than just running workshops and doing them with whomever passes by.

Sirolli is an enigmatic speaker, I’d watch this video just for the way he talks even if I wasn’t trying to be an entrepreneur.

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