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Mass Individuation

Image from Demotix

Following from my report on the values talk last night, I thought about the concept of ‘mass individuation’.

People perceived their community and their country’s values as very different. They thought lowly of the country’s values and blamed the government, yet are happy in their community.

If they are happy in their communities, why don’t people see this as part of the country? If they are happy with where they live, what is the problem? Where is the line being drawn between their community and their country?

The question of responsibility arises. Many people leave it up to the government to serve the country. But what about us contributing to that? How can people be empowered to make a difference to society, without leaving it all up to the government?

Phil Clothier names the act of taking matters into our own hands as ‘mass individuation’. As individuals, we take action to improve society, and we do this en masse. That’s what the term means – I’m not sure if it’s really happening. Continue reading

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