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For four months now, I have been working for Circle. Circle is a not-for-profit service that brings people over 50 together through social, learning and wellbeing events. The aim is to tackle the growing problem of isolation amongst older people, whilst not relying on the welfare state. The events include local coffee afternoons, theatre and seaside trips, rambles, and how-to-use-Facebook sessions. People make friends and they have the opportunities to try new things.

Participle is a service design agency which tackles social problems through coming up with ideas for start-up services, and they came up with the idea of Circle. I have admired Participle’s work for a few years, so I am thrilled to be working for them. Circle has been around since 2009, so we have an office separate from Participle’s, but in the same office complex in Bermondsey near London Bridge. Continue reading

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Three Ted Talks on Plastic

The social/economic problems of plastic:

And two answers:

Encourage use of alternatives to single-use, disposable plastic objects to eliminate waste.

After you’re finished with them, make sure your plastic objects end up with someone that knows how to recycle them.

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