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7 tools that worked in government innovation

Recently I realised that my image links on old Shift blogposts on this site weren’t working… so I dug up old images to relink them, and re-discovered some useful bits of work that I’d done.

I’m sharing them here. They will be useful to people interested in government innovation labs, service design methods, and encouraging collaborative creative communities inside an organisation.

Shift was an innovation lab in Surrey County Council; it was a joint venture between FutureGov and the council. Now it has taken on a different incarnation, which I’m pleased to hear is going well.

The ideas shared here were very specific to Surrey County Council’s unique circumstances; however, I’ve tried out things that worked in Surrey in different contexts and they still work. It’s my hope that others in government that want to foster grass roots change, or those with the power to suggest an innovation lab be set up, get useful nuggets of insight and inspiration from this work.

1. The Shift guide. This is how we worked at Shift. It details processes and example projects. It’s a hugely useful read if you’re interested in what government innovation labs can do – there’s quite detailed explanations of how things worked. Continue reading

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