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RCA Design Interactions and Design Products – Introductory Text

Having had a good look around the RCA Kensington show, I made the pilgrimage (despite a bus strike) to the RCA Battersea site for the annual RCA Design show, which I always find inspirational. I wasn’t disappointed. Here’s the intro text for the show, which is very useful in providing a background of understanding for the projects (posts to follow). Continue reading

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Critical Design

These days, I seem to be explaining what critical design is to a lot of people. Goldsmiths and the RCA are the main players in the field of critical design, but recently I’ve come across people that could count themselves as critical designers but aren’t aware of it.

As I understand it, critical design is social commentary through designing. Calling it design rather than art leads viewers to believe that the design exists, or could really exist in the real world. Because of this, the response from the viewer is stronger, and their level of engagement can be greater. Critical design exists to throw up questions, often about ethical implications of current issues.

There are lots of good examples of critical design. Design duo Dunne and Raby pretty much founded the field. I often take their Evidence Dolls as a good example.

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Service Design

Video sourced from RCA website.

I used to think I knew what service design meant… I kind of still did but recently it’s been a bit clouded to me. When you try to explain it to people who have no idea what you mean, it’s easy to start to lose conviction. I’d find it easier if I was around lots of service designers. Thankfully some of my friends’ projects at Goldsmiths seem to be heading in that direction, so it will be easier for me to work out what it means and find my own ways of doing it, that still count as design and not business planning or something.
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The Ground Floor Arrangement Band

During the London Design Festival I stumbled upon The Ground Floor Arrangement Band. I was looking for an RCA graduate show – they seem to have exhibited in the Brompton district in the last few years – and instead I found a trio who had studied together there a few years ago, but don’t like to emphasise their RCAness. Here’s a lovely video advert for the show.

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