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Call for service designers

The London Design Festival is coming, and service designers are now more involved in the festival. What are you and your team doing for this September to showcase your work?

Last year, we stimulated service design representation in the festival at a fantastic event held in the newly renovated Old Sessions House during Designersblock. There were five lightning talks by talented service designers from a range of sectors, followed by an extraordinarily useful service design skills workshop run by STBY. Networking afterwards led to connections being fostered between potential employees and employers. The event successfully raised awareness of service design in the wider design community, and beyond.

This year, we are producing a map of service design events going on around the capital during the festival (19-27 September 2015). If you would like to show off your team’s innovative work, and demonstrate thought leadership, the London Design Festival is the best time to do it.

The London Design Festival is a celebration of design. As service designers, it’s our due to show the game-changing work we are doing during this world renowned festival. Apart from driving business opportunities and making contacts through sharing your success stories, this is a chance to come together to change culture: we can help more non-designers start to understand what we do.

What you could do to take part:
– hold a studio tour
– host a networking event
– run a talk
– host a Q&A with an experienced service designer
– run a service design skills workshop
– screen a film of your work
– make an exhibition with photos and diagrams of what service design means to your organisation
– give people the opportunity to try out design research techniques
– mentoring sessions for young/new service designers
– ask for participants for co-design sessions – those looking to get into the field would be happy to be involved at this level as a starting point
– run a hackathon
– hold a competition
– release a report about a project that involved service design (plus a launch party!)
– host a recruitment speed dating party

There are lots of people who want to get into service design, and there is plenty of demand from private, public, third sector and start ups for service design input. Working service designers can help strengthen the industry practice by sharing knowledge. It’s also an ideal opportunity to go and see what other service designers have been working on recently.

You can set charges for any event you run if you need to.

Email liorsmith [at] me [dot] com if you would like to be included in this service design map. We are also able to meet with you to discuss how you might be able to execute your idea, including linking up people that could do talks together.

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