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RCA Design Interactions and Design Products – Introductory Text

Having had a good look around the RCA Kensington show, I made the pilgrimage (despite a bus strike) to the RCA Battersea site for the annual RCA Design show, which I always find inspirational. I wasn’t disappointed. Here’s the intro text for the show, which is very useful in providing a background of understanding for the projects (posts to follow). Continue reading

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It turns out that one of my new lecturers at Goldsmiths did my favourite exhibition at the London Design Festival this year, I Cling To Virtue.

I really like this project on his website, www.onkarkular.com. It’s about children designing bread. This is my favourite one:

‘For people who prefer the crusty end’.

And for crusty end fanatics…

This is the sort of thing I imagined myself doing.

I want to open some kind of museum one day, not in London, that will help get kids interested in culture. We have it easy in London with so much for kids on our doorstep – and not that I speak from much experience, but I imagine there is much less to do in the way of art and music and culture for children outside of London.

I also really like Arabeschi Di Latte. I saw them at designersblock a couple of years ago, and it was instant love. They were showing people how to make gnocchi from scratch, for free, and you would inevitably talk to other people who were there because of the way the space was set up, and then you would eat your large potato’s worth of gnocchi with whatever toppings you like.

It’s a combination of a few things I’m interested in: food, human interactions, and tradition. Arabeschi di Latte are trying to make home cooking more popular; they take traditional Italian recipes and make them fun. They did a similar event with eggs the next year but there weren’t many people around when I dropped by, so it wasn’t quite as exciting. Still, I learnt how to make a posh Italian raw egg dessert!

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