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How can GPs use open data to innovate?

Image supplied by @HoneyBeaDHU

On Thursday I attended a talk in Nesta entitled ‘Open Data for Innovation in Primary Care’. Before I found out about the talk, I didn’t know that ‘primary care’ meant GP practices, or anything about the link between GPs and innovation really. I went as a patient/citizen and as a designer interested in innovation in the public sector in general.

Nesta has produced a publication ‘Which Doctors Take Up Promising Ideas?’; the insights were discussed in the talk. The speakers were Michael MacDonnell, Head of Strategy NHS England; Fran Bennett, Mastadon C; and Professor Richard Barker, Centre for the Advancement of Sustainable Medical Innovation (CASMI); the talk was chaired by Jo Casebourne, Director of Public and Social Innovation at Nesta. Continue reading



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