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2015-07-09 12.06.16Charlie Leadbeater speaking at Labworks

On Thursday I went with my entire Ideas Lab team from UKTI to the LabWorks event organised by Nesta. It was a jam-packed day and we all left feeling quite overwhelmed.

Many of the talks were enjoyable. It was great to hear stories from other labs about their successes and struggles. I felt that I tacitly knew much of what was being said, but it was incredibly useful to hear and see how certain concepts were being articulated.

Here are my notes from the day, complete with cartoony hairstyle drawings of speakers to help me remember who said what.

2015-07-09 12.12.41Bonus picture: the ‘typical lab’. I have to say, I have not worked in a government innovation lab which is this sidelined. I’d quite like to though – it would be like being back in the Goldsmiths design studio. The more sidelined a space is, the less of a spotlight there is, the less pressure to be neat and perfect… which means more chances to make mistakes without consequences.


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How can GPs use open data to innovate?

Image supplied by @HoneyBeaDHU

On Thursday I attended a talk in Nesta entitled ‘Open Data for Innovation in Primary Care’. Before I found out about the talk, I didn’t know that ‘primary care’ meant GP practices, or anything about the link between GPs and innovation really. I went as a patient/citizen and as a designer interested in innovation in the public sector in general.

Nesta has produced a publication ‘Which Doctors Take Up Promising Ideas?’; the insights were discussed in the talk. The speakers were Michael MacDonnell, Head of Strategy NHS England; Fran Bennett, Mastadon C; and Professor Richard Barker, Centre for the Advancement of Sustainable Medical Innovation (CASMI); the talk was chaired by Jo Casebourne, Director of Public and Social Innovation at Nesta. Continue reading


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