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A Light Conversation

I featured Amanda Ames’ phone last year when she graduated from Central Saint Martins. She has now made a short film to highlight the problem that the phone ‘A Light Conversation’ is addressing. We’re socialising with one click rather than interacting in a more authentic way.

My argument that face to face meeting should be encouraged rather than phone conversation still stands. How about a Filofax which lights up when you haven’t made any dates to see your friends recently? Maybe that could work as an app on a digital diary, on your smart phone…? It’s not as charming as something physical and non-digital which lights up though.

Watch the video and decide what you think about the problem.

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A Light Conversation at CSM

I’m a bit disillusioned with design as an industry. It seems that many design courses are training students with the skills they need to keep the industry as it is: churning out superfluous objects that will end up in a bin within increasingly shorter periods of time.

I was hoping that the Central Saint Martins Product Design show would be different Continue reading

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