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Nana’s cards


My grandma is an artist. She lives in a thatched cottage in Surrey with a garden that goes all around the house, with white wrought iron gates. My dad and his siblings grew up there. Nana has a room with her paints in it. The cupboards are painted and the tablecloth has a flower pattern on it. There is a window that looks out on to the garden. On the desk in an alcove are huge piles of thick paper with her artwork. She’s very picky – if she doesn’t like a painting, she cuts out sections of the bits that work and sends them as postcards.

Nana sends a card when you call her. She’s the most avid card sender that I know. She’s learning how to email but she still loves cards. She sends cards out faster than she can paint.


When I started exploring painting about a year ago, she was excited and asked me to paint her some cards on commission. She asked for some more for Christmas. These cards are my Christmas present for her.

I’m not showing you these cards to show off my illustration skills. I’m showing them to share with you that I am working on these skills, and to discuss why it’s important to me that I’m doing this. Continue reading

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House of Illustration

House of Illustration are teaching literacy through illustration. What a great idea.

‘PICTURE IT: Inspiration through Illustration is the House of Illustration’s pioneering education programme championing creative approaches to literacy. Professional illustrators work with pupils and teachers on individually-developed practical illustration projects that provide a creative approach to literacy and other topics across the curriculum.

Confidence in literacy underpins confidence in learning in all subjects. Illustration is an ideal medium for developing communication, reading and writing skills, alongside imagination, creativity and art expertise. Children taking part in our projects develop self-expression, increase their ability to communicate ideas, stories and facts and feel a great sense of pride in their professional results.’

Now that’s designers rethinking an issue previously not considered relevant to us. Go designers!

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Gregory Mark Hannan

I searched Google images for ‘dissatisfaction’ and this guy’s website came up. Lovely clean web design. I love this strip, it captures something about the frustrations of having a career as a creative. Click on the image to make it bigger.

Amazing contact page on his website!

Having fun is part of creativity. Go and have some fun today.

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