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Want to help me develop one of these personal data ideas?

So, I have submitted quite a few ideas for a personal data design challenge hosted by Sense Worldwide. Apparently I don’t own the ideas any more because I submitted them.* Most of these ideas would make the world a more interconnected place where we make more conscious decisions about our actions. Apart from the cat idea. That one’s a wildcard.

I won $1000 for the first idea and for having submitted so many ideas (almost one in every category), and I’m getting paid to be part of a hackathon to develop these ideas. I can’t believe it! I’m so excited! Bring it on!!

My Purchases
Consumer need
I have shared my birthday wish list on Facebook before, but two people ended up buying me the same book.

Digitally share my birthday wish list with a group of friends. They can then tag the gift if they are buying it so that nobody else buys it. They can also be directed to buy it online.

When almost all the gifts are tagged, items from similar wish lists are shown. This could be integrated with Amazon who have good data already on similar tastes in purchases. Continue reading

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So this is what Sean Hall was talking about

Sean Hall, a Goldsmiths design lecturer, said that when you’ve talked about your idea, it feels like it’s done, so you never actually make it happen.

This talk cites sources where he might have got that idea.

You can see the discussion of the talk here.

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Slavoj Zizek on charity

This brilliantly animated video discusses the ethical implications of charitable giving. It makes you think about our culture in a refreshingly different way. Even if you don’t agree with his viewpoint, it’s helpful to think about other political views in order to inform your own.

Simply put, his overarching point is that if you give to charity, then the root cause will not be solved, just a symptom of the problem.

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