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So this is what Sean Hall was talking about

Sean Hall, a Goldsmiths design lecturer, said that when you’ve talked about your idea, it feels like it’s done, so you never actually make it happen.

This talk cites sources where he might have got that idea.

You can see the discussion of the talk here.

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Adventures of a Well-Being Superhero

Last year at Goldsmiths, I did a design project on well-being. This was the result. Continue reading

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Feature on Goldsmiths Design Blog

I got featured on the Goldsmiths Design Blog, thanks to interviewer Nadia Barbu. Take a look here.

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Design Means…

What often inspires me is watching other people talk about their work in a conference/panel format. The V&A have put on some great design conferences during London Design Week, and I helped Designersblock with their first conference in September (in fact I was on one of the panels too).

It inspires me so I know how much it could inspire others – which is why I organised, with an MA student, a panel discussion at Goldsmiths university where I study BA Design. It was the final lecture of the term in the series entitled ‘Design Means…’ organised by a committee of design staff and students – a great opportunity for us to have a say in speakers we want to hear and to gain experience in making it happen. This was the first panel discussion of its kind at Goldsmiths and attracted a packed lecture room. Continue reading

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Service Design

Video sourced from RCA website.

I used to think I knew what service design meant… I kind of still did but recently it’s been a bit clouded to me. When you try to explain it to people who have no idea what you mean, it’s easy to start to lose conviction. I’d find it easier if I was around lots of service designers. Thankfully some of my friends’ projects at Goldsmiths seem to be heading in that direction, so it will be easier for me to work out what it means and find my own ways of doing it, that still count as design and not business planning or something.
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One-soldier toaster

This made me laugh.

This is a a one soldier toaster. It also does one fish finger.

By Matt House, recent graduate of Goldsmiths. He’s about to start at the RCA.

Also look at other things he’s done!

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Goldsmiths at New Designers 2011

I found the Goldsmiths stand 15 minutes before I had to leave for work. Can’t tell you how much I regret that! When I came in, I found them singing a song that they had written in response to a brief. The brief was something along the lines of ‘help me file my stuff because I’m really messy’. I love it that they wrote a song instead of designing a filing cabinet, which is what most students at New Designers would do. I think I’d be more likely to write a song than design a filing cabinet for that sort of problem now too – I’ve been Goldsmithsified! I don’t think other designers quite understand the value of that thinking.

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