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Following Kari’s fish leather work…

Kari Furre at New Designers exhibited some beautiful works made with fish leather – a material which has a great deal of potential. Tonnes of fish scales are discarded every day in the fish industry, so it makes economic and environmental sense to use it.

A graduate from the RCA has taken this idea in a different direction. Kari’s work is delicate and artistic – Erik de Laurens‘ project, The Fish Feast, has used the fish scales to make a plastic which can be used in a variety of applications.

Dezeen has a summary of de Laurens’ project here.

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Kari Furre

Kari has experimented with tanning fish skins. I haven’t seen this done before. This material really ought to be used more. I think it’s quite beautiful, and I don’t even like fish! She’s going to find more uses for it – one to look out for.

Her website is here.

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