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You don’t need to fit into the entrepreneur stereotype. 

The only photo I have from the referenced event – this is Olivia.

A couple of years ago, I went to a Before I Die meeting, organised by the brilliant lovely Olivia.

A lady called Sam was talking about a sober morning rave she’s started called Morning Gloryville. It sounded bonkers to me – who’d get up at 5am to party before work? – but a lot of fun. What struck me even more than her idea, and her wonderfully colourful artistic hippy dress sense, was the way she spoke.

She was all over the place. Her answers to questions were roundabout and indirect. She was endearing – you couldn’t help but like her – but I couldn’t see how she was making a success of her business. She didn’t talk like I’ve come to expect entrepreneurs to talk. In my head, I dismissed her. I didn’t think she could be successful with the way she articulated herself. She was fully aware of her limitations and talked about the importance of having supportive people around her with the necessary skills… but even then, because she didn’t fit my expectations, I didn’t quite believe in her. 

Fast forward two years, and I find myself in a position of being a ‘creative director’ type, with the responsibilities that come with founding a business, but without the lingo and some of the traditional skills and attitudes of business founders. 

I realised that despite not fitting into what founders are ‘meant’ to be like, I’m still bloody doing it anyway. I’m making it up through trial and error – with a lot of thought, and support from the awesome people around me. 

In fact, it’s BECAUSE I’m not a ‘normal’ entrepreneur that I can be part of making something extraordinary happen. 

In meetings where I’d ask others for help to make up for the skills and knowledge I don’t have, I realised that I was drawing on Sam for inspiration. She wasn’t the traditional entrepreneur type, but she was making it happen anyway. If Sam can make Morning Gloryville happen without traditional business-speak, I can make the Service Design Fringe Festival happen just as I am. 

In fact, I’ve already made it happen three times!

It gets bigger every year, and I’m constantly working on my skills and self-belief in order to keep up with the scale. 

I was holding myself to what I thought an entrepreneur ought to be like – and I judgementally held Sam to that idea, too. But the proof of success is the events that we run. People love it, they keep coming back, and there’s demand for international expansion. 

As I am, I am good enough. 

Of course, I actively seek out learning opportunities and I reflect on how I can do things better on an ongoing basis. I want to grow as a person. My self acceptance doesn’t mean I don’t nurture myself – believing that I am good enough as I am today doesn’t mean I don’t believe that growth is vital.

If you’re self-doubting, I recommend you go to Morning Gloryville to fully understand the truly special vibe that successful Sam has created, despite of or maybe because of her off-the-wall way of communicating. 

Unselfconscious fun!

I went for the first time recently – and there’s no way I’m not going to go back! Maybe I’ve loosened up a bit 🙂

Last I heard, Sam decided she wanted to meet the Pope… and she actually made it happen. Nothing is impossible. 

Dear reader, please don’t overlook yourself because you don’t fit into how you think you’re ‘meant’ to be. If you have a vision, and if you’re willing to dedicate yourself to learning and hard work to make that vision happen, you can do it. You might not have all the skills today to do what you envision, but with time, effort, and support, it’s possible. Go you! 

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Shut up and listen!

This may be the most relevant Ted Talks to me I’ve seen in a while. Ernesto Sirolli talks about entrepreneurs and helping others. I need to collaborate with others to be successful with my practice, and I need to get the tone right. I’m too much of a missionary, despite having the best intentions. I need to find a client that wants to be helped, rather than just running workshops and doing them with whomever passes by.

Sirolli is an enigmatic speaker, I’d watch this video just for the way he talks even if I wasn’t trying to be an entrepreneur.

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