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Tax Return: the freelance designer’s nightmare

Literally. I have had nightmares about my tax return through the years. We’re in January, and you’ve only got 21 days left to complete your tax return. Cue panicked weekend meeting scheduling with friends of friends who are accountants and can help you out.

Not this year, for me. I’ve finally graduated to having an accountant. No more tax return panic for me. I’ve done four years of self-assessed tax returns now. It was one of the most stressful parts of being a freelance designer, for me. So, here are some notes for creatives who have just become freelance. (I’m not a finance person so take what I say with a pinch of salt – this is just a starter for ten from a designer’s point of view.)

How I feel when I’m avoiding doing my tax return.


You’ve put in time at design school, and you’re getting work as a designer. You are awesome. You’re living the dream! Maybe with a bit less cash than you imagined you’d have, but still. You get to do cool projects occasionally at least. Continue reading

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Big companies employ innovative designers

They get them to do lovely projects like this one:

By getting designers to do these sorts of projects, they can make good marketing campaigns, and potentially get some ideas for new directions in their business.

Some people say these designers are bought out by the big companies to ensure they don’t become competition, but I forget the argument for that. What do you think?

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Past Friday Late at the V&A, Design Week 2010

Just been in contact with the designersblock people; they mentioned that they participated in the Friday Late during design week last year while I was working at the V&A. I didn’t get to see it (I’m Jewish so Friday night is family night), but it looks awesome! Watch this video.

Arabeschi di Latte were there too with giant spoons, like that heaven and hell story… in heaven and hell they have giant spoons – too big to feed yourself with. In heaven they feed each other with the spoons; in hell they’re selfish and don’t think of feeding other people so nobody eats.

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Following Kari’s fish leather work…

Kari Furre at New Designers exhibited some beautiful works made with fish leather – a material which has a great deal of potential. Tonnes of fish scales are discarded every day in the fish industry, so it makes economic and environmental sense to use it.

A graduate from the RCA has taken this idea in a different direction. Kari’s work is delicate and artistic – Erik de Laurens‘ project, The Fish Feast, has used the fish scales to make a plastic which can be used in a variety of applications.

Dezeen has a summary of de Laurens’ project here.

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Clear out

I have a storage bag full of postcards and people’s cards that I’ve picked up in various design exhibitions and galleries over the last… 6 or 7 years. It’s probably mostly pretty furniture, which is what I was fascinated with when I was younger. Back then I picked up every postcard I could get. Now I’m really selective. So here’s two recent ones from the top of the pile:

Rosann Ling.

A different way of showing time, symbolic to life, using chromatography.

Bobby Petersen.

I posted about these musical chairs before but the photos weren’t very good – so visit the website or watch the video (it’s quite funny) to get a better idea of how they worked. I really like that idea.

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