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Connecting with my creativity: what I learnt about myself when I stopped earning

2015-01-24 14.56.23

At the end of the year, a work contract came to an end, and I decided to focus on connecting with myself creatively for three months, rather than desperately seeking other work.

Work will come
Work has started to come to me more easily as a contractor and freelancer. I put this down to the huge amount of groundwork I did over the summer and autumn last year, and the fact that service design is becoming more popular as a sensible way of developing services. It helps that I have unusual work experiences – not all that many people have been involved in implementing design strategies for cultural change in government.

Just before Christmas I got a couple of contract offers which would start in the spring (one of which I have now taken up). I decided to not look for any work until then, and focus on developing myself creatively. I turned down all work offers except for a couple of small enjoyable freelance projects. Continue reading

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How can we embed creativity in organisations?

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I was at an RSA talk by Charles Leadbeater today. At the end of the talk I very briefly met a lady who said that her work was about getting leaders to be creative, and to embed creativity in organisations. She wasn’t sure how to make that happen yet.

Earlier today I was asked how to get non-creative people come up with good solutions to problems. The person I was having the conversation with and I had both noticed that too often, when people are asked for ideas, people will outline the problem again rather than thinking of solutions. Or if a solution is thought of, it’s an area of solutions rather than a specific imagining of how that solution might work in practice. It’s something that I have experienced time and time again with groups of people who are not used to thinking creatively.

The conclusion I am reaching, at least for today, is that it’s not enough to ask ‘non-creative’ people to be creative and expect brilliant results. Creative thinking workshops and introducing design thinking processes into workplaces alone are not going to make the change.


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