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Want to help me develop one of these personal data ideas?

So, I have submitted quite a few ideas for a personal data design challenge hosted by Sense Worldwide. Apparently I don’t own the ideas any more because I submitted them.* Most of these ideas would make the world a more interconnected place where we make more conscious decisions about our actions. Apart from the cat idea. That one’s a wildcard.

I won $1000 for the first idea and for having submitted so many ideas (almost one in every category), and I’m getting paid to be part of a hackathon to develop these ideas. I can’t believe it! I’m so excited! Bring it on!!

My Purchases
Consumer need
I have shared my birthday wish list on Facebook before, but two people ended up buying me the same book.

Digitally share my birthday wish list with a group of friends. They can then tag the gift if they are buying it so that nobody else buys it. They can also be directed to buy it online.

When almost all the gifts are tagged, items from similar wish lists are shown. This could be integrated with Amazon who have good data already on similar tastes in purchases. Continue reading


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Making Happiness a Design Issue

I’ve just discovered that you can upload links to publications on LinkedIn! So here’s one I made earlier.

Making Happiness A Design Issue

I wrote this as my dissertation for my BA at Goldsmiths. I still very much stand by the sentiments I had at the time of writing it. After a period of deep questioning the point of design – the point of any creation, any intervention, any change – I decided that it is worth acting to make the world a better place for the people around you. For me, the world would be better if we were all happier.

This publication details psychologists’ findings about how, why and when people are happier, and it seeks to offer opportunities for designers to make changes that will support other people in their personal quests for joy and well-being.

Published January 2012. Check out the bookbinding process here.

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Adventures of a Well-Being Superhero

Last year at Goldsmiths, I did a design project on well-being. This was the result. Continue reading

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Values talk with Action For Happiness

Last night I attended a talk put on by Action for Happiness. The speakers were Phil Clothier and Richard Barrett from the Barrett Values Centre, Martin Palethorpe, the founder of the UK Values Alliance, and a lady that spoke about how Sweden is doing using the assessment techniques outlined by the Barrett Values Centre. Continue reading

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Article in the Guardian

How happiness is about more than money in the Guardian. This article contains data about happiness levels across the country.

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