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A Light Conversation

I featured Amanda Ames’ phone last year when she graduated from Central Saint Martins. She has now made a short film to highlight the problem that the phone ‘A Light Conversation’ is addressing. We’re socialising with one click rather than interacting in a more authentic way.

My argument that face to face meeting should be encouraged rather than phone conversation still stands. How about a Filofax which lights up when you haven’t made any dates to see your friends recently? Maybe that could work as an app on a digital diary, on your smart phone…? It’s not as charming as something physical and non-digital which lights up though.

Watch the video and decide what you think about the problem.

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Screen Shot 2013-01-27 at 12.17.18

Wordle is a text to image generator that my brother just showed me. I put in the URL of my website and this is what it came up with! It’s quite interesting to see which words come up.

Think about using it when you don’t have an image for a presentation or article or something… it can liven things up.

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The Story of SuperBetter

This is a moving video about how a game can help you to live longer.

SuperBetter is a game about helping people increase their positivity and resilience by doing small tasks such as shaking someone’s hand or getting up out of your chair every hour. It’s a lovely story, and watching this video could increase your life span by 7.5 minutes! Or even by 10 years if you take it seriously enough.

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PSFK Conference update

Here is the video from the PSFK conference I was in a panel in during September this year.

Images by Jessica Bernard,

All the talks were great; here’s a short selection.
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House of Illustration

House of Illustration are teaching literacy through illustration. What a great idea.

‘PICTURE IT: Inspiration through Illustration is the House of Illustration’s pioneering education programme championing creative approaches to literacy. Professional illustrators work with pupils and teachers on individually-developed practical illustration projects that provide a creative approach to literacy and other topics across the curriculum.

Confidence in literacy underpins confidence in learning in all subjects. Illustration is an ideal medium for developing communication, reading and writing skills, alongside imagination, creativity and art expertise. Children taking part in our projects develop self-expression, increase their ability to communicate ideas, stories and facts and feel a great sense of pride in their professional results.’

Now that’s designers rethinking an issue previously not considered relevant to us. Go designers!

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Are you a service designer?

If you are, please get involved in this inquiry about design for the public sector.

‘The Design Commission’s second project, sponsored by the Design Council, AHRC, and Capita, and co-chaired by Barry Quirk and Baroness Kingsmill, will look at the emerging area of theory and practice around ‘designing’ policy and public services. We believe many of the failings in our range of public services are usually due to outdated or inappropriately designed systems, and in most cases, redesign (and constant, rather than one-off, redesign) will be required to meet cost-saving targets, improve services, and make them more relevant. The purpose of the inquiry is to identify, and publicise, how good design practice can be brought to bear more often in the realms of policymaking and public service provision.’

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Tim Brown: Tales of creativity and play

This talk is from the director of IDEO. IDEO is a forward thinking design agency; they are leaders in design thinking and produce really useful solutions to problems including this bike/water filtration system for developing countries.

Image from

The talk is very entertaining and explains the playful work environment they have set up at IDEO. Taking inspiration from children’s’ play, they set up rules for productive play so that they have a safe, trusting environment for coming up with new ideas. They employ role play as a method to test out user experience.

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