Service Design @ Designersblock 2014


Service Design @ Designersblock 2014 was on the 19th September during the London Design Festival.

This was the first ever major service design event at any London Design Festival. Previously, service design had not been well represented at the Festival. As a growing industry, it was high time that the service design community got more involved with the well-established Festival.



Forging links with other types of designers provides a pathway for them into service design. Increasing understanding of how service design can be applied leads to non-designers considering employing or collaborating with service designers. Events such as these grow the service design industry.

Now there has been a full scale event with five speakers, a two hour workshop and networking drinks; it should be easier for any service designer or service design agency to make something happen during the Festival next year. There could be open studios, film screenings, more workshops… next time hopefully there will be enough going on to make a service design trail around the Festival. Let’s make it happen!


There was a good turnout at the event this year, and tons of positive feedback, which proves that there’s a demand for service design at the Festival.

Our five speakers demonstrated the reach of service design across big business, social innovation and public services. The workshop was appreciated as a valuable opportunity to put service design tools into practice, and having the chance to meet and mingle with likeminded people led to us all expanding our networks.

Non-designers said that following the event they understood what service design is better, and for some of them, the event inspired them to learn how to be service designers.




Many thanks to STBY for facilitating the workshop. Thanks to our speakers: Dominic Burton, Livework, Harriet McDougall, FutureGov, James Rock, Design Thinkers UK, Cat Drew, Policy Lab UK and Geke van Dijk, STBY.

And thank you to the team for making it happen. You can download the programme here. The event was at Designersblock, a cutting edge design exhibition; the tree in the room was an installation by innovative light bulb company Plumen.





Next year we’d love to do it again, but bigger! Service design is a thriving community in London, and we should properly represent ourselves at the London Design Festival every year. Beyond a set of talks and a workshop in one location, we could have open studios, we could run competitions, we could show films to demonstrate our work… there is so much scope for expanding networks, and expanding the public’s understanding and perception of service design.

If you’d like to collaborate in making next year happen, please get in touch.


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