Six Months of Shift in Pictures

From October 2013 to April 2014, I worked for FutureGov in Shift, an innovation lab in Surrey County Council. I was a Community Organiser, which I learnt to do on the job.

Being a designer, I frequently changed the space to make it look welcoming: an innovation lab in a council is a new concept so I had to make it seem inviting and not scary for council officers. But my design skills were even more useful in designing the service around how to support change from officers: we envisioned a way of inspiring people, equipping them with skills, and gathering networks, through events, online communications, and informal drop-ins, where I was personally available to help people through their challenges. I loved being creative support for council officers – I felt like I helped a few people flourish and gain motivation to make the changes they wanted to see in their departments.

So here are a few pictures to give you an insight into the details. Enjoy!

Some of the Shift team in the Shift Team Room. We kept all our organising notes on the wall on the right.

Stimulating conversation and informal networking post-Lunchtime Sessions in the Narrow Room. Lunchtime Sessions were inspirational lightening talks and informal discussions on a variety of topics. The typical format was one internal speaker and one external speaker, so that people could contrast and compare viewpoints in the discussion. Here are two examples of Lunchtime Sessions: Tech for Independence and Tech for Families.

Getting Lucie Glenday to talk, with Chief Executive David McNulty stepping in, plus external speakers Cloche on open data, with Megan McGovern’s debut as a Lunchtime Session host. 40+ attendees and a marvellous time had by all.

The Shift Guide I pulled together with the team. It details the Shift design thinking process.

The big Social Capital event was live streamed. Brilliant talks from internal and external speakers. I also enjoyed making all these posters.

Shift’s first virtual speaker, Tracy Fishwick, live from Manchester in the Paths To Employment event. Three apprentices also spoke in front of the Lunchtime Session audience.

Speaking about Kensington & Chelsea Circle (now defunct) in an early Lunchtime Session. I do love an audience…

thinking hats
‘Thinking Hats’ tool for generating ideas with the Public Service Launchpad scholars. I’m afraid that’s the last you’ll see of my costume hats at Shift!

Seeing Carrie and others give presentations. Very inspirational.

The ideas I helped make happen.

I’ve left some art on the windows. This is a proportional representation of the Surrey Hills.

Helping Sam Cornick run a big workshop outside of County Hall. As a designer it was insightful into how front liners and council officers work and collaborate. I helped people visualise and express concepts.

Goodbye Shift! Good luck!
lior copy.jpg

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