Healthcare 2023


This year at the London Design Festival, Annie Bowers and I ran a workshop with Designersblock at the Southbank Centre.


Come and map the future with us. What do you think our public healthcare will be like in ten years’ time? How would you like things to have improved? ‘Healthcare 2023′ is a research workshop where we map the issues surrounding healthcare services in Britain. How might future services work?

This workshop is the start of a research project concerned with how we can improve the provision of public healthcare in the UK. We will compile our findings in a report which we will share with healthcare management professionals, opening up a discourse with them about possible improvements.

Open to anyone wanting to change the world.

Annie Bowers and Lior Smith are recent Goldsmiths design graduates and social designers. They are interested in public service design and how to improve a sense of positive well-being in our society. Service design is where designers create or improve services based on in-depth research, mapping and testing out ideas.



We are compiling the ideas arising from the workshop into a report which we will send out to healthcare management. Please contact me if you would like to be sent a copy.


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