Design and Entrepreneurship

Image from Designersblock website

During Designersblock at the Southbank Centre this year, there was an excellent lecture series. I attended the Design and Entrepreneurship seminar, despite being exhausted from running my own workshop that day – and I was very glad I did. Here are some inspiring quotations.

You need rigour of thinking… Fake it til you make it.Daljit Singh

How do you cope with risk of failure?
Put distance between yourself and your project. Believe that it will work. Accept that risk is a part of it.Russell Pinch
Make mistakes at other people’s cost [don’t start out as an entrepreneur, start your own business when you have learnt enough from other projects]. Fail fast.Michael George Hemus

Design is making a conscious decision about the future.

Create demand for skills that exist through marketing and communication. Create opportunities by seeing and understanding circumstances, and reaction.Paul Bishop
Read: If you build it, will they come? – Peter Thiel

A good entrepreneur is a Master Jack of All Trades – it takes a long time to get there.Michael George Hemus

Always employ someone that scares you because they’re better than you at something.Russell Pinch

It might all end tomorrow – that motivates me to do whatever I can today. It takes a huge amount of energy and stops me from enjoying the fruits of my labour, and my relationships can suffer.Paul Bishop
That attitude will help you achieve a great deal professionally. But is it worth it? This happens a great deal with high achievers.

Thanks for the advice guys. There was much more in this talk that came up that I didn’t record. Hope to see something similar again next year.

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