Tuesday night, London Design Week

Last night we went on the party trail around Shoreditch for London Design Week. Fortuitously we timed most things perfectly – bumping in to friends who knew the person on the door (thank you for going in to PR Sarah), or coming very early so the door people wanted to fill up the space, or so late that they didn’t care any more.

The variety was brilliant – Lee Broom‘s party and Masion Trois Garcons parties had cocktails and canapes a-flowing in beautiful settings. I was genuinely impressed by some of the work on display – images to follow.

We started the night at Plain English, a kitchen cupboard company. They had a ‘Pip’s Dish‘ event going on, where we were fed delicious babaganoush on crusty bread. An excellent start. It was also an introduction to an Everhot cooker, which is similar to an Aga.


Ritika Karnani (images above and below) was at Going In To Business, a display of RCA graduates’ work for sale. It was at the charming 18 Hewett Street gallery, sponsored by branding agency Protein. Apparently the judges for barista champions of the year serve coffee there during daytimes.


We missed a couple of things by coming too late, but that lead us to the best party of all: Decode at the Looking Glass Cocktail bar. The cocktails were innovative, and the company was varied and excellent. Some of the work on display we’d seen earlier at the SCP showroom but they’d run out of beer there.

Lots of walking, socialising and finding out about new design work – what a brilliant evening.

Tonight: Designersblock!! I can’t wait.
Don’t forget: tomorrow I am running a workshop with Annie Bowers for Designersblock: Healthcare2023. Check it out and come along.

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