Charles Leadbeater: The era of open innovation

Check out this film of Charlie Leadbeater on open-source innovation. Come and participate in a workshop I’m running with Annie Bowers during the London Design Festival at the Royal Festival Hall on Thursday 19th September – you’ll get to participate in open-source innovation too!

Healthcare 2023

Innovation isn’t just for professionals. Competition against massive companies such as Microsoft will come from ‘pro-ams’: Demos-speak for professional amateurs, people who do something constructive in the spare time to a high standard. For example, people that develop software for a gaming platform in their spare time.

This was filmed pre-Apple Notes, but Leadbeater gives the example of a developer asking for funding for a better programme than Microsoft Word. Since nobody wants to go into competition with a company that has the monopoly over the market, nobody will fund that idea. So the competitive ideas will come from non-funded pro-ams.

Leadbeater believes consumers must take part in the design process, open-source style, for the best results.

At Healthcare 2023, on Thursday 19th September 2013, you have the opportunity to share your ideas as a consumer of healthcare in Britain. Be a pro-am.

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