Memory Palace

Johnny Kelly Image from V&A website

Memory Palace at the V&A has a fantastic exhibition concept: 20 illustrators and artists express one dystopian story, written by Hari Kunzru. I would recommend this exhibition to anyone interested in visual narratives. The exhibiton ends with the opportunity to add your own memory to the collection.


Please click on the images for a closer look.


Stefanie PosavecImage from V&A website

‘Ideas,’ he said, ‘are not things. They are what you have instead of things. Instead of the good solid wood of this table. Instead of the water I know you crave’.

Luke PearsonImage from V&A website

Luke Pearson‘s comic book style illustrations across one wall was a favourite of mine. The placement of the drawings expressed as much as the drawings themselves – expressing ascending stairs, or tumbling down them. Brilliantly he conveys being blindfolded and the blindingness of being unblindfolded, simply in black and white, without captions necessary.


Oded Ezer‘s work stood out for me, as well: his series of eight films describing a different concept in the dystopian land were visually humorous. I guessed he was Israeli from the type of humour.

Oded Ezer2


Oded Ezer4


Unfortunately I can’t find films from the exhibition online, but here is another video of Oded Ezer’s work.

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