The Happiness Machine

Alice Osborne and Ella Britton have created a Letter Writing Machine. They put it into action on Saturday at the Knee High Play Space in Gabriel’s Wharf.

One of them is ‘inside’ the machine, and the other talks to you about a family member. You have a conversation about the family member – what they mean to you, what you are grateful for from them, and what happiness you could send them. The person inside the machine writes a letter for the family member based on what you are saying. This highlights what you have been speaking without, perhaps, realising it. The machine makes the letter into an origami bird and then you can post it to your family member.

The project ties in with psychologist Martin Seligman’s suggestion that writing letters of gratitude to people you know improves happiness and well-being.

Images from @AliceOsborne via Instagram

Check out the Knee High Design Challenge if you’re interested in innovation and improving children’s lives.

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