An Evening With The Middle Class: The Monday Club


This week at the Monday Club (organised by The Assembly) Container and I curated an activity on the theme of the Middle Class. An anthropologist (an actor really, but we fooled some people) assessed how middle class we were based on our responses to various class-related questions. Once assessed, we charted our level of class, and received a Pukka tea bag (a very middle class tea) according to our status.



Here are some of the questions:
What washing up liquid do you use?
Fairy Liquid (1)
Ecover (2)
Tesco Value (0)
I get my staff to do the washing up (3)

What do you have for breakfast?
Jordan’s cereal (2)
Bacon butty (0)
I’m on a diet, no breakfast (1)
Eggs Benedict with marmalade toast cut into triangles and crumpets (3)

What’s your ideal holiday destination?

Now for a chance of winning 100 points, please demonstrate your favourite yoga pose.




Our speaker, Richard Benson, from Not Actual Size is pictured below. He explained different sets within the middle class. Most of us were the ‘Hornby Set’. Upon reading The Middle Class Handbook I found out that actually I’m a ‘Can-Do!’: positive, thinking outside the box, and hate no-one because hate is a negative energy. I hope I’m not as cringingly naff as the full description of the ‘Can-Do!s’ though.

This was the Periodic Table of middle class! How fantastic.

The results of our anthropologist’s assessment on our middle-classness:

Poor Richard.

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