Superhero Badge Workshop at Port of Entry

Photo by Gerard Mensah.

At the new studio-gallery space Port of Entry near Hoxton Square, I ran a workshop during opening night.

This one made me laugh: he’s good at science. So he decided to be a villain rather than a superhero. This is his evil scientist face.

Setting up. Photo by Gerard Mensah.

I really like the concept for this one – the result is particularly superhero-y, you can tell the superhero comic fans from the others! He’s good at 3D modelling, so he took the letters X, Y and Z, representing three axis, which represents 3D modelling. He overlapped the letters for this result. And what a strong superhero pose!

He came back for more. Iteration 2.

Good at dancing – this is what happens to her hair when she dances. Interesting way of representing dancing.

I think this was a programming badge – good at computer programming. Subtle, slightly Pringles, but strong. Good upward look.

Good at talking – but somehow more than that. This lady has a vibrant personality and her badge reflects that well.

Creativity badge – this time through sewing. This is her sewing face. She’ll be coming back for more, for other creativity badges. Watch this space.

These young artists counted laughing and loving a cat as superpowers. They’re good at it and it makes them happy…

Photo by Gerard Mensah.

She can make people laugh – so she made a badge that makes people laugh, like she can. Cute!

Good at bossing people about. So it’s a chain of people, symbolising how she can get people to work together.

Good at drawing. I’m tempted to ban this – it’s too easy for artists and graphic designers and illustrators to use this as a superpower, and lots of my workshops are at design events. Everyone is good at more than one thing.

Stencil Man

The remains of the night

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