Superhero Workshop at The Monday Club

Image by Emil Charlaff

The Monday Club is an evening salon run by Container and The Assembly in my studio every two months. This month’s theme was First Thought Best Thought. The two speakers were Daniel Pemberton, an award winning film composer, and Leila Johnston who spoke about making things fast. Food was by the delicious Blanch and Shock. Luise from Container ran a Blind Artist workshop, where people did blindfolded self portraits, and I ran the Superhero Badge Workshop.

Image by Emil Charlaff

Everyone has strengths that contribute to the deep, meaning-of-life kind of happiness that some people call well-being.

This workshop helps people identify their strengths and recognise them as important. We discuss their strengths them make them into superhero badges together. The workshop is fun and playful to better engage people with positive psychology.

Image by Emil Charlaff
‘Cutting through the nub of the gist.’ Now I know what ‘nub’ means! A great superpower, unusually phrased.

Image by Emil Charlaff

Image by Emil Charlaff

Image by Emil Charlaff
A particularly unusual superpower, this one. Brinkmanship: generating success from the brink of failure. I’m not sure if it’s the best superpower for well-being since it probably involves a great deal of anxiety! All the same, it’s food for thought.

Image by Emil Charlaff

Image by Emil Charlaff
Being natural is this lady’s superpower.

The Wicked Seamstress.

The Healer – she works in healthcare. Now that’s a real superpower.

I’m On It – and she sure is. Super-organised.

Look at that pout! This lady is as fierce as her superhero badge – Rampage.

Image by Emil Charlaff
This guy made a badge about being good at drinking rum – but I doubted that was his only superpower, and it’s not a very good one. After some discussion, and affirmation from his friends, we identified that he is an extraordinary cook. So he made a cook badge as well. He ended the workshop with his friends persuading him to have a dinner party.

Image by Emil Charlaff
Container and the Blind Artist.

Image by Emil Charlaff

Image by Emil Charlaff
Mike improvising from Blanch and Shock.

Image by Emil Charlaff
Listening to Leila Johnston and Daniel Pemberton.



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