RCA Design Interactions and Design Products – Introductory Text

Having had a good look around the RCA Kensington show, I made the pilgrimage (despite a bus strike) to the RCA Battersea site for the annual RCA Design show, which I always find inspirational. I wasn’t disappointed. Here’s the intro text for the show, which is very useful in providing a background of understanding for the projects (posts to follow).

Recently I’ve been finding Design Interactions more interesting than Design Products. I’m increasingly losing interest in physical objects as an end in themselves. I search for meaning. Why is this object necessary? Was it worth bringing into existence? Does it have a positive or negative impact on the world? Sometimes beauty isn’t enough, if the cost to the environment is great.

The design courses have different platforms, although I’m unclear whether they were just for Design Interactions or both, and where are the missing platform numbers?

Rosario also briefly taught me at Goldsmiths…

…as did Onkar.

Apologies for the fuzzy picture.

Kieran Long worked at icon magazine when I interned there about 8 years ago.

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  1. Tom

    Platforms are part of Design Products. Design Interactions grew out of platform 13 many moons ago.

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