Highlights from RCA Kensington show

I came to the RCA in Kensington to see the Design Interactions graduate show… but it wasn’t there! This year they were in the Battersea site (images coming soon). All the same, I had a good look around. The jewellery graduates had a good show, including this lady (images above and below) whose work was performance embroidery. I can’t remember how she justified this as jewellery but it seemed like a good explanation at the time. Someone had designed some cutlery and called it jewellery, and explained it awfully – so not every graduate from the course was amazing.


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  1. Jerry

    The course you are referring to is not simply called “Jewellery” it is actually called “Goldsmithing, Silversmithing, Metalwork and Jewellery”: a title which includes making cutlery. Metalwork includes the making of cutlery as does silversmithing which involves making objects such as bowls and vases (and even cutlery) from silver.

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