Textile Futures MA 2012 at Central Saint Martins

Textile Futures is a critical design course focusing on textiles. It had some of the most interesting concepts at the degree shows this year.

The Transformative Chronotype, Julie Yonehara
‘How can I manipulate the human circadian rhythm through light and colour?’

These were filters to be worn over our eyes to help change our mood, particularly when winding down at night.

Eat the world up, Sabatina Leccia
‘How can textiles express our rapid consumption of the planet’s resources?’

We are ‘eating’ the planet’s recources – this is 30% of a wooden spoon, representing how much of the rainforests we have destroyed. (Something along those statistic lines anyway…)

Rain Palette, Dahea Sun
‘How can rain indicate the quality of the air by location and time?’

Clothes that change colour depending on the pH levels of rainwater and an app to upload your local data in order to create a network of information, useful for tracking environmental change.

Textile Skin, Yiwei Bo
‘How can skin be a tool to inform textile design?’

This project was more about aesthetics and craft than concept.

Salvage: Recycling the Dead, Kerry Greville
‘Can exploration of the material potential of the body provoke debate around material value?’

What can our body be broken down into? Can we use what we’re broken down into as resources?

All images (except the first) courtesy of the Textile Futures website.


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