Designs of the Year 2012: Technology

Increasingly technology is my favourite bit of design at these shows. This new smart material at Designs of the Year at the Design Museum made me really excited.

This material is called Shade and turns from clear to white in a flash through electric currents. There is a material that turns from clear to frosted, used in bathrooms, but I hadn’t seen it and I thought it was just frosted – this one becomes completely opaque. I don’t know how it’s done, I have no idea! It’s incredible! The future is here!!

Have a go at Processing if you want to try and make this yourself. I learnt how to do the basics in 4 hours, you can too! It’s free to download and there’s codes online that you can just plug in and then spend hours making faces at your computer screen.

This is so futuristic isn’t it? Although I still think the real thing is better than anything you can create digitally.

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