Designs of the Year 2012: Graphics and Transport

It’s a good year this year. Maybe I was just in a good mood when I saw it, but it made me remember how I love design.

I can’t remember this wall having graphics designed for the show before, but I like it. Visually communicating statistics from the designs. Apparently 33% of the nominees’ projects were self-initiated.

These graphics feel very right-now. It’s the kind of typeface I saw a lot in last year’s graphic design graduate shows. I like it.

They Might Be Giants made a paper net of a car downloadable as a PDF, then invited fans to make a massive one and destroy it for their music video.

For a full list of the graphics entries, click here. Winners will be announced in a couple of weeks.

Ambulances are being improved! Such a worthy area of design. So good to see this sort of thing celebrated. This is a significant improvement in the space inside an ambulance.

This is service design rather than transportation! They ought to make a new category, they’ve had service design nominations for the past few years now.

This is one of the few exhibits you could touch… not only that, you could get inside it, which is always exciting. There was a flower button to press on either side of the dashboard which didn’t seem to do anything – maybe they were triggers to eject the passenger seats on either side…

I like how the design was likened to a washing machine aesthetically. Hecht is right, contemporary honesty wins.

Look out for posts on technology, fashion and furniture soon.

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