Happiness and Other Survival Techniques: Transport

Happiness and Other Survival Techniques is also at the Design Museum, but only til the 13 of April. I loved it! Fantastic photography, that seemingly quick pinned up look that’s trendy now, insights from around the globe, good communication graphics, and a free magazine! I can’t recommend this highly enough. This post shows images from the transport section of the exhibition.

This video gives a good impression of what the exhibition was like. You’ve really got to come and see it for the detail though.

So apparently chip fat, human fat, peanuts, hemp, coffee grounds and shit all work well as biofuel. Unfortunately it’s illegal to use most of this in the UK as fuel – I’m guessing for the reason that the effects are untested, but it might be to keep BP in business. They use sewage in Sweden to power thousands of vehicles in an odorless form. We can learn so much from them!

Bike taxis are popular in Africa – the louder the horn, the better. The taxi drivers do the equivalent to more than the Tour de France every day, with a passenger on the back.

Post-Gadaffi, Libyans are still going around in their army-style pimped vans. They’re a symbol of the rebel movement.

This is one of the robots designed in China that can walk. Walking is actually quite complex to design for a robot – it’s difficult to keep the machine upright. This robot can power a rickshaw. Its designer loves it so much, that he calls his robots his children.

Have a look at how they built the exhibition: (curious about why there’s no sound though…)

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