Terence Conran: The Way We Live Now

Terence Conran: The Way We Live Now is at the Design Museum now. Conran is one of the most influential designers around today. He founded Habitat and the Design Museum too. This post has quite a few pictures so may be slightly slower to load than normal.

I thought that some of the graphics chosen for the exhibition to communicate the mood of the time were more interesting than the furniture designs themselves. This exhibition was beautifully and cleanly curated, with all the themes you’d expect from the Design Museum, such as staged designed environments…

…to time lines…

…to themed areas…

…to a line up of chair designs through time, a big favourite apparently, and also used recently for their exhibition This Is Design.

I love how the Michelin Man was the inspiration for this elegant dining set below.

And I love that they used Golden Syrup tins for this purpose! I think I’ve seen this elsewhere – probably copied from this restaurant. What do you think they did with all that Golden Syrup? Have loads of sticky toffee pudding on sale for the first few weeks of the opening perhaps?

This signed RCA class of 2007 poster probably will be worth more and more as the graduates make a name for themselves. I would so love to go to the RCA! But first I want to make a practical difference to the real world, before going back into the academic bubble.

Stay tuned for a post with photos of Conran’s inspirational quotations dotted around the exhibition.

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