Creative Things To Do When You Break In To A Dog Walker’s House

Officially entitled ‘Music for One Apartment and Six Drummers’. This is a short film, a bit like Stomp!, by Ola Simonsson.

I used to play drum kit – I wasn’t very good. If I’d seen this film when I was learning maybe I’d be inspired to drum more creatively and enjoy it more. I probably would have fantasised about breaking into all sorts of people’s houses to drum with their stuff. What would a policeman have in his home to drum with?

Bringing it back to design, sound is an often overlooked element of product design. Maybe products could be designed to fit in with the sounds of other objects they’d be in a room with. The bedroom one is quite soft. Just as well none of them were sensitive to sprays, there was a lot of sprayed perfume in that scene!

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