The Mystery of Appearance: David Hockney

At first glance this image didn’t interest me. It doesn’t really appeal to me on an aesthetic level. However it is a bit unusual to see completely different styles in the same picture – to an amusing extent. So I loved the title for this one.

Genre mix up! What are you doing here mate, you’re in the wrong movie!

And I guess if you want to deeply analyse it, there is that very human feeling sometimes of being in the wrong story. Things that you think will never happen to you sometimes do.

Image from Featherblend Grand Art Tours
David Hockney
The Room Tarzana
Acrylic on canvas

This one was also in the show. I didn’t take a photo of it but I regretted it afterwards. What I find special about it is that the surroundings have been simplified as much as possible to draw attention to the figure on the bed. I’m not sure whether the pose is meant to be sexual or just carefree. At any rate, Hockney probably loved this model’s bum! It’s quite a big painting at 243.8cm square. The effect is that you’re drawn into a simple, summer world of beautiful bottoms.


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