Haunch of Venison: The Mystery Of Appearance

At the Haunch of Venison, 10 artists including Hockney and Freud are being shown. Some of the work here was revelatory to me – in particular my discovery of Michael Andrews’ work moved me. Over the next few days I will post about one artist each from the exhibition called The Mystery of Appearance.

The work was meant to be about the ‘conversations’ between the artists, though as I’m untrained in art history, that element passed me by a little. What I did get from it was the appreciation of how this work was beyond anything a photograph or film could do. The work in this exhibition conveyed emotions; the reality framed in these images was to do with perception beyond sight.

How was this exhibition inspiring? It reminded me to think about how what we see relies on more that just our eyesight. It reminded me that many works of art are the artist making you focus on a particular thing that has resonance with them, and fading out the rest of reality to enhance the focus. Art is about reality through the emotional lens of the artist – their reality. And any time any of us tells a story, it’s just our version of reality. So I’m going to consider more carefully what I put in any films I make, to tell the story of my version of reality.

Also that painting brings so much more warmth and life to an image than anything on Adobe Illustrator – you’ll see what I mean in the next post tomorrow.

One last point – Haunch of Venison has moved! The site next to the RCA (maybe it’s part of it?) is no longer in use by Haunch of Venison. I wonder what it’s used for now? I loved that space. I hope it’s going to be another gallery.



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3 responses to “Haunch of Venison: The Mystery Of Appearance

  1. John Smith

    Can’t read the Francis Bacon quote- the photo is cut off.

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