Lost Gloves

(You have to click through on that video, embedding disabled.)
A couple of years ago, I took home the gloves I found on the street and gave them a wash, instead of handing them in somewhere or leaving them be. I figured that people don’t often find their lost gloves anyway so I might as well do something with them.

I made them into a wall hanging along with clothes that didn’t fit me anymore – that wall hanging helped keep me warm in a cold house! Now I’ve separated out all the bits again, and I have a few odd gloves, lying in wait for me to do something with.

I’ve been thinking about ideas for lost property. (Watch this space.) In the meantime here are some other people’s ideas. I really like the One Cold Hand idea in the video above. The idea of leaving a sticker where the glove was is a good one.

Lost Gloves and Smitten Mittens is a sweet website of photography of gloves though I am doubtful if any real effort is made to get the gloves back to their owner.

The same goes for Ciaran Norris’ blog – it’s a collection of photos but not much effort to reunite owner and possesion. It’s quite a difficult task to reunite gloves with their owner in such a vast place, especially where one suspects the attitude is ‘finders, keepers’. However maybe we can change that.

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