I Decided Not To Save The World

I Decided Not To Save The World was at the Tate Modern recently.

This was a short film showed on loop of a boy saying ‘I decided not to save the world’. The exhibition was named after this video. The artist that made the film is Mircea Cantor. The boy could be heard repeatedly from all the way on the other side of the gallery space – the attendants much have gone crazy.

I didn’t really understand this one by Yto Barrada. It could be from Vegas – but what’s its significance here? What does a palm tree stand for? On the Tate website it says it’s about the rapid modernisation of Morocco. Certainly not a self-explanatory work.

I really liked this film by Mounira Al Solh. She is a female Lebanese filmmaker living in the West, and she didn’t know what stance to take on the war. I really relate to that. Instead of making art about the war to show her cultural identity, she recorded songs of Lebanese women.

This one was interesting – it was a film of men trying to keep a palm tree alive in a built up district in the Middle East. They filled it around its hollow bottom with concrete to keep it upright.

These were posters arranged with the front and back sides on top of each other. I don’t know much about graphics but I would love to be able to make stuff look as cool as that.

I love seeing art in galleries that looks as though it’s been made quite quickly. Such a contrast to the portraits in National Trust castles I grew up with. That apparent speed makes it seem a bit more likely that I could do it too perhaps… so sometimes I come home and start drawing. It never works out how I imagine but it’s still great to practice a variety of skills.

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