Recovered Photos from Ron Arad 2010

While searching for an image I’d taken a couple of years ago, I stumbled across these on my hard drive. I’d forgotten all about them! It seems I’ve got a better camera now… or at least got better at taking photos, some of these images are a bit dogdy. Still, Arad’s work is very photogenic, so here it is: the Barbican’s Ron Arad retrospective 2010.

I like how there were parts of the exhibition that displayed actual prototypes and otherwise demonstrated the process of making.

Playing with light: does this hint at his later work at the Roundhouse?

There’s an inscription on it… look closely…

I haven’t decided if this photo is terrifically bad or nicely moody. There’s a better one here in my coverage of The Power of Making.

See Justin McGuirk’s article on him here. Have we outgrown Arad? It’s an interesting point to make. In a way I agree with McGuirk but there is still an uncritical part of me thankfully that can simply enjoy the sculptural furniture for its beauty, and how it was meant to be received at the time.

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