Hidden Heroes at the Science Museum

Once I’d seen this video, I really wanted to go to the Hidden Heroes exhibition. It promised to show a selection of inventions that shaped our culture. It did live up to that expectation. It didn’t live up to my expectation of how design was presented though.

Image from detnk.com

In the introduction of the exhibition, it was said that ‘all designers aim for mass production’ or something along those lines. That’s false. Exhibitions like this are important in teaching the public what design is. If someone bases their knowledge of design on that show, that gives a bit of a dated stereotype. We’re not all aiming for mass production. It wouldn’t be sustainable to do that. Since the plastic revolution last century, we’ve been producing too much, too fast. Some of us have labelled our era the ‘Sustainment Movement’. We ought to really name eras in hindsight, but I’m hoping that we’ll earn a phrase to that effect.

‘This Is Design’ at the Design Museum gave a much better illustration of what design is through showing a huge variety of objects, not just mass produced ones.

‘Brutal Simplicity of Thought’ at the V&A by Saatchi presented a beautiful exhibition of great inventions too – not all of them mass produced too. (I got the book for Christmas!)

Hidden Heroes is just another exhibition trying to show the public what design is, and its importance. I feel that it gives a slightly false impression.

Image from jkr.co.uk

Apart from that problem, it was quite good: pretty well presented, with videos of how objects are made that brought out the geek fascinated by machines in me.

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