The ‘partners in life as well as design’ are Tim Balaam and Kate Sclater, founders of Hyperkit. I like their clean, spare, primary colours graphic style.

What has really affected me, though, is that they can design to their ideals. They keep their company to just the two of them plus one occasionally. That way they can keep their visions clear. They do not comprimise their ideals. As a video they showed said – they don’t design to have clients, they have clients to design. I was moved by this video. It captures my fear of the implications of having ideals.

I would love to be able to be in their position. They said that they do have a ‘drawer of shame’ from the beginning of their careers. They had to compromise at the beginning to get to the position where they don’t have to. At the beginning they also did some teaching.

It’s so good to see that there really are designers who work to their ideals. They said that they do exist but are hidden away and don’t talk about their work because they don’t want to be famous. It’s reassuring to meet them and see that they seem to be quite happy. They are pretty stubborn but it seems to have worked for them.

They’ve given me a very useful dose of hope.


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