EGAKU+SMILE at Designersblock

EGAKU+SMILE held an art fundraising evening for the Japan disasters on Thursday at Designersblock.

Here’s a couple of images before all the people came in so you can see what kind of art was being sold. The prices were really low – some of the work was by recent graduates, so apart from raising money for charity, it was a stepping stone for graduates to get their work out there.

Apart from artwork being sold, there was a ‘Letters to Japan’ workshop where people wrote and drew on postcards to be sent to the survivors. Some were Christmas themed – we got out the red and green glitter glues for holly in the corners of postcards!

There was some music later on in the evening…

…and through the whole night, mulled wine, cakes and mince pies were on sale too. They started off at 50p for mulled wine but I got them to put the price up. If people pay £4 for mulled wine in Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, they could charge a little more – the event was a charity event! Who isn’t going to buy mulled wine for £1?

Over £1000 was raised in aid of Japan in total. Great to see so many people there.

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