Resident Designers at the Design Museum

Here’s some photos from the Designers in Residence at the Design Museum.

Jade Folawiyo experiments with metal finishes.

Simon Hasan wants to mass produce unique objects. Contradiction in terms…

This clock by Hye-Yeon Park makes moving patterns when it’s not being looked at, almost as if a child was playfully constructing patterns with the paper but super fast. When the motion sensor detects that someone has stepped in front of it, it suddenly displays the time.

I like designs that help people bring out their playful side (I was jumping in front of it to see how sensitive the motion sensor was… I don’t need much encouragement to play!)

Will Shannon designs products with a material he made.

Everything had its own little gold label! I love it!

The PARTICLEboard Factory was great. It gives you some kind of idea of the process the designer went through to create the material he works with. I didn’t like the mottled chipboard he made with it but this machine hints at a kind of Professor Brainstorm magic.


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